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Sunday, November 28, 2010

UGLY SWEATER. Got one? I'll pay you for it.

We've all gotten one as a gift at one time or another. Most of these beauties were invented in the glorious 80's. Well, my sister and brother in law are throwing a Christmas party this year and are hosting an "Ugly Sweater Contest". The problem is, I've been stuck because I've purged our closets over the past year, giving our "gems" away to goodwill quite awhile ago. So, I've decided to ask for help. I realize that this might bring me some scorn from some of my family members; who are also invited to the party; causing them to call me a cheater or something like that... but... I prefer to view it as being resourceful. :)

-->> I need your help and YOU need money for Christmas = Win-Win situation <<--
Here's what I need you to do:

1) Follow my blog by clicking that little "Follow Me" button at the top of the screen.
2) Look through the back of your closet and find that gorgeous jem you've been hiding but you're afraid of tossing, just in case Aunt Gertrude asks you if you still have it.
3) SEND a PICTURE of you wearing your ugly sweater to me (, mention - UGLY SWEATER CONTEST IN THE SUBJECT LINE PLS) NO LATER THAN Dec 9TH

My responsibilities include:
1) I will choose a winner Dec 10th.
2) I will send an email in return announcing the winner.
3) I will send you the address you will use to send the sweater to me to use in time for my party.
4) If I receive the sweater in time to wear to the party (12/18)... I will immediately send you $20 for you to use as you wish just in time for Christmas. That should cover your shipping costs and give enough to spend elsewhere. :)
5) IF YOU DON'T SEND ME THE SWEATER IN TIME FOR ME TO USE FOR THE UGLY SWEATER CONTEST.. Your sweater is no good to me.. and I will NOT send you money for it!

Let the games BEGIN!!

Don't know what an ugly sweater looks like? Need inspiration? Check this out...

oh... and while you're here... Follow my blog. :)

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