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Monday, November 1, 2010

To use shampoo or not.. that's the question...

I just came across a fantastic blog full of remedies, tips and tricks to making the life of a family more frugal and fun. Well, one of her blogs caught my eye and I must admit, the neat freak in me totally turned my nose up at even the thought of never using shampoo again... However, I went ahead and read it. And wow... it made sense. I'm not sure if I'll actually DO what she suggested.. but, who knows?... I might. Is anyone out there willing to take the challenge for the rest of us?

Check it out:
Simple Mom Blog/No More Shampoo

I have a friend, that told me about this one awhile back...but I had a hard time believing that using olive oil on your face would actually be good for it. I had visions of my face becoming an ache cesspool. But, this info claims otherwise.

See for yourself!

Simple Mom Blog/Use Olive Oil to Clean and Moisturize your FACE

Please tell me if you have tried this. I'd love to hear about it. Or if you think this is a disgusting idea - I'd like to hear that too. :)

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