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Monday, November 8, 2010

What you'll need for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner...

My five year old, Nathan, along with his kindergarten classmates, took a shot in helping their families make a delicious Thanksgiving feast. His teacher emailed the recipes today, so I figured I'd share a few of my favs with you. These made me giggle.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe By My Very Own: Nathan
7 seeds of a pumpkin
17 cups sugar to make it yummy

Put the seeds in a bowl and smoosh them. Put sugar in a cup and get it all the way up to 17. Put it in one of those things that put it all together, get it in the oven. Make the oven really hot and then let the pie cool. It takes 7 hours. You can eat it.

Chicken Recipe by Dominick

1 30 pound chicken 2 packs barbecue sauce
2 packs candies (Don’t buy the vegetables. I don’t like vegetables. Buy the candies.)
3 cheese chips 30 cheeses

Wash the chicken in a pan with water. Mix the candy up with the chicken and put barbecue sauce on it. Dip the cheese chips in the cheese. Cook the chicken in the oven for 7 hours at 5 degrees. Eat the chips with the chicken.

Turkey Recipe by: Jacqueline

10 20 pound turkeys 5 bags sugar
3 bottles hot sauce 3 boxes of pepper and salt
10 pounds of white sprinkle cheese 1 bottle of ketchup
3 jars mayonnaise

Put the turkey in the sink and wash it with cold water for 10 minutes. Cut off the feathers. Put the turkeys in a pan on a stove. Cook them for 10 or 20 minutes on high heat. When it’s a round circle with two bones on the side, it’s done. Put the turkeys on a big nice round plate. Put everything on a big round table and if they want it they can get it.


  1. OMGosh these are GREAT!!! So sweet!

  2. Cute and disgusting at the same time.

  3. Isn't though! I love the little hints of their home life weaved into the recipe! Like the girl that said, "put it on the big round table and if they want it they can get it". So cute.

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